Pathways: Private Banking

Becoming a trusted advisor.

At Kinobi, we cover the range of topics and skills needed for you to get from fresh-eyed student, to becoming an Assistant Relationship Manager, and going forward to building your client base.

Relationship Management

Investment Products


We hone your soft and hard skills to note as you progress in the journey to manage high net worth relationships.

We run the gamut of investment products that are being offered in the market in the listed and private space, and include commentaries on robo-advisors.

We run through the skills and analysis required to make credit calls to strategically lend to clients.

We are still in the midst of crafting our curriculum. In the meantime, you can attend our free webinar – Private Banking 101 – below to have a taste of what we can offer.

Private Banking 101

Get a taste of our program with our recorded live webinar on Private Banking and its role in a post Covid-19 world.

Kinobi Pathways: Private Banking

Join us in a live recorded webinar on the private banking industry, speaking to 2 relationship managers from UBS and Cult Wines (a wine-focused investment firm).


  1. Jeremy Chan, Director UHNWI China, UBS
  2. Nicolas Monroy, SE Asia Senior Portfolio Manager, Cult Wines

The key takeaway to enter or excel in the private banking industry in this unprecedented times is to hone your skill of active listening. Active listening refers to being completely present and felt by the other party, anticipating their needs and making decisions that makes them comfortable.

Kinobi x Kristal.AI
Robo-advisory 101

Join us in a live recorded webinar on how you can with S$5,000 in your bank account, leverage Kristal.AI to invest in this Covid-19 market and take advantage of the price dislocations.

Swapnil Mishra, Head of Private Wealth for Kristal.AI will be sharing alongside Benjamin Wong, Founder of Kinobi on strategies in this new economy; moderated by Farid Mohammad.

How to invest in this Covid-19 market


  1. Swapnil Mishra, Head of Private Health, Kristal.AI
  2. Benjamin Wong, Founder, Kinobi

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