Pathways: Management Consulting

Case Interviews… Made Simple

At Kinobi, we cover the range of topics and skills needed for you to get from fresh-eyed student, into a case consulting veteran.

Case Interview Process

Case Types

Resume and Fit

We take you step-by-step through active listening of the question posed, to making the final conclusion.

We run the gamut of challenges posed, from go-to-market strategies to mergers and acquisitions.

We polish your resume, sharpen your optics in your decisions before the interview and to the interview.

We are still in the midst of crafting our curriculum. In the meantime, you can attend our free webinar – Introduction to Case Consulting – below to have a taste of what we can offer.

Introduction to Case Consulting

Get a taste of our program with our recorded live webinar on tackling consulting case interviews.

Kinobi Pathways: Management Consulting

Join us in an introduction on how to tackle the toughest case interviews. George, Chapter Leader at Conjunct Consulting with prior experience in Temasek and Houlihan Loukey will be giving tips and tricks.

There were several key takeaways which are very practicable to be used in the interview session. 

  1. WTP (willingness to pay) framework – this is not commonly talked about or used, but is an extremely valuable framework
  2. Use the number 6 when you need to assume numbers, and round them
  3. Highlight the WHY and provide the HOW (issues and recommendations)

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