Know Yourself

Welcome to the Know Yourself page!

Here at Kinobi, we’ve prepared a Know Yourself Quiz to help guide you to the Pathway which suits you best! To do this, we’ve created a matrix to guide you towards the best we can offer you.

It’s called OFICR: Outgoing, Firm, Investigative, Creative and Risky. These 5 competencies are what we believe are essential to the 5 Pathways we offer. However, different Pathways require different levels of skill and ability.

Take this short 5-10 minute quiz to see which 3 of the 5 Competencies align with your personality.

Now, we link up your Top 3 Competencies with the Pathway which fits the best! Have a look yourself and we look forward to seeing you in one of 5 Pathways soon 🙂

PathwayTop 3 Competencies
Management ConsultingOIC & OIR
Tech Business DevelopmentOFR & FCR
Investment BankingICR & FIC
Private BankingOFC & OFI
Venture CapitalOCR & FIR

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