Kinobi x The Young SEAkers – Strategic Partnership

18 August 2020

Kinobi is excited to form a strategic partnership with The Young SEAkers (“TYS”), as we combine our synergies to reach out to youths in ASEAN.

This strategic partnership will allow both Kinobi and TYS to tap on each other’s networks and resources to further each other’s aims, increasing access and opportunities for education, training and employment of the youths in ASEAN for them to succeed in the labour market in ASEAN.

Benjamin Wong, Founder of Kinobi, “We believe that ASEAN is on the cusp of breaking out into its golden age, with increasing focus on infrastructure and startup investments. This sets the platform for providing the needed infrastructure to build an educated labour force, combined with the demand and promise of better jobs for the future. Both supply and demand forces provide an opportunity for us to fill that need and unite ASEAN – leading it into the golden age.”

Calvin Wee, Co-founder of TYS, “The Young SEAkers is extremely excited to partner with Kinobi, helping our members to translate their cross cultural knowledge and understanding through our programmes into practical and tangible outcomes for their careers in the ASEAN-China region!”

About us:

Kinobi is a digital mentoring platform, headquartered in Singapore, that provides education, access to network and branding for people to attain their dream careers. Kinobi is currently operating in five countries across Asia – Singapore, Indonesia, India, Thailand and Philippines, through its two products, Pathways and Mentoring Programs.

TYS is an organization headquartered in Singapore that aims to nurture a community of youths who are well-exposed and equipped with soft skills in the ASEAN-China economic region. TYS seeks to achieve this through helping its members develop cross-border competency and soft skills via intercultural exchanges and education programmes.

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