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5 – Strength & Weakness Questions

“What feedback were you given upon the completion of your last internship?”

    – State what they liked about you and what they felt could be improved on.
    – Be real and tell the interviewer on how you’ve tried to implement change in your character to become better.
    Tips: Don’t be vague and ambiguous. They want to know how well you can deal with negative feedback and how big your ego is.

“What were certain areas that your team said you should improve on?”

    – Two main points. Give a real weakness eg. Being critical of others or judging others too quickly, followed by how you’ve been making an active change in that habit.
    – Give something honest, but not something that turns them off eg. “I feel smarter than everyone and they just are not the same as me”.
    Tips: Focus on how you changed and tried to become a better person. Humility is attractive.

“If your last colleague/ friend could describe you in 3 words, what would they say?”

    – See it from the perspective of your colleague/friend.
    – If possible, think of stories with that colleague which can back up what you said.
    Tips: Speak not from your perspective, but that of others (Eg. Work hard, never leaves anyone behind – good. Driven, team player – sounds like self praise.)

“If there was someone from your past who you didn’t get along well with, what would that person say about you?”

    – Weaknesses related to working with others are the most logical as compared to those regarding private disagreemtns.
    – Anything along the lines of “Sometimes he/she (you) would be overly focused on work and forego social time with the rest of us.”
    Tips: Be realistic and as always, honesty is the best policy.

“Why would we NOT give you an offer today?”

    – You could be cheeky and joke around saying “If you suddenly don’t need workers”
    – Instead, tell them why they wouldn’t, instead focusing on your strengths and how you can benefit the company.
    Tips: Why wouldn’t they vote for you?

“What is your greatest failure?”

    – Storytime. Tell them something which grew you and moulded you into what you are now.
    – A challenge which pushed you to your limits but ended up giving you more than you every thought.
    Tips: Nothing hits better than a well-told story.

“Why do you deserve this job. Tell me in 3 sentences.”

    – Utilise the vast bank of experience that you’ve gained over the years.
    – I have technical expertise because of XXX, I have grown in experience due to YYY and I fit into this culture and firm because of ZZZ.
    Tips: No set answer at all. Base it off your life and what you think fits best!

Overall, it’s all about being open about your wins and fails. How did you overcome them and become a better person in the process?