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3 – Culture Questions

“You’ve been working at XXX Company for your Internship. Why would you decide on us instead, especially since we are so much smaller?”

    – Focus on the remarks of the people you’ve spoken to (you really should) and why this firm appeals to you more than the other.
    – Tell them how you prefer the more tightly-knit working environment and being able to work closely with clients.
    Tips: Why do you love the small firms!

“Since you say you enjoy working in smaller firms, why us since we are so big?”

    – Explain that you want to enter the next step of your career by experiencing new things.
    – Your main focus is learning and how you believe that this firm is the best way to do that.
    Tips: Your goals are achievable by learning under XXX firm

“Why would you want to work in XXX Market considering the low market activity over the past few months?”

    – Tell them your long-term view of the market and how things can change for the better
    – Highlight your optimism that the market will correct itself and things would take a turn for the best. If you can, give examples of the past when markets did turn around. (Don’t fake it though)
    Tips: If it helps, tell them how you’ve always been intrigued by how this particular market works and how you’ve been drawn to certain aspects of it.

“What do you think our bank’s greatest weaknesses are?”

    – Slightly different from if the question were directed at you.
    – Point out the weakness of the bank eg. in Asia vs the Americas and why you think it is so.
    – What’s key is that you say that it does not bother you and that your research shows that the bank is taking steps to bridge that gap .
    Tips: Prior research is never a bad thing for an interviewee.

“Which of our competitors do you admire the most?”

    – They want to test your knowledge of the industry now.
    – Briefly mention a company and a well-known attribute of theirs, followed by how that trait is amplified in the interviewers bank.
    Tips: These qualities which you admire are better in the bank your interviewing at.

Overall, this is about the interviewing trying to gauge how well you know the firm and the industry you are in. What makes them special?