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2 – Commitment Questions

“Are you only interested in Investment Banking? How about working as a Venture Capitalist or Consulting?”

    – Investment banking and investment banking only. Even if you don’t feel that way.
    Tips: Tell them that you aren’t keen on any others because this is what you want, nothing else.

“Are your eyes mainly on large banks like ours or do you mind going for smaller ones?”

    – The same kind of bank that your interviewing at is your best answer.
    – At the same time, be honest and you can name-drop other banks if they really are in your sights.
    Tips: This bank is your first choice though!

“Some of our early-career workers have decided to quit early and head over to other industries (eg. hedge funds/private equity. Would you?”

    – You’ve studied the different industries open to you but this firm is where your decision has a lasting impact.
    – Investment banking is Execution heavy (which you love) as compared to other industries which have lots of research.
    Tips: Tell them why IB is better suited to your tastes than others.

“When did you fail to honour a commitment?”

    – Be brief about your failure and detailed about how you overcame that and became better
    Tips: Did you change? How?

“If i gave you an offer now would you take it?”

    Tips: Say Yes even if you don’t mean it. For your sake, please just say yes.

Overall, They want to know if you are going to stay with them and be loyal to them in the Long-Run. Give them what they want to hear!