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1 – Background/ Personal Questions

“Tell me about your resume”

    – Give your Story!
    – Go according to Time and Tell them about your Experience.
    – How did this experience bring you into the world of IB and ultimately how you ended up here
    Tips: Be structured and share your story! Don’t see it as a checklist of things you need to go through with them.

“Why did you choose to attend XXX School to study Business?”

    – It’s “strong” business program is a great way to kick it off. It indicates that Business has been an interest for you since the beginning.
    – Make sure it sounds thoughtful (even if it wasn’t). It shows that you are a rational and driven person.
    Tips: Emphasise the academic reasons behind it and how it “propels” you into the world of Investment Banking

“What do you do for fun”/”Tell me one thing that you do which isn’t stated in your resume.”

    – Be honest. Please don’t make a fool of yourself by saying “Reading Self-Help books which boost my financial knowledge”.
    – Avoid anything illegal (obviously). Use something which gives you character and shows that your life is more than just work and books and studying and stock markets and… You get the idea.
    Tips: “Do for fun” not “Do to impress me (the interviewer)”

Overall, they want to get to know you better and see your character. Be as truthful as you can be and manage yourself well! If they wanted a robot to work for them they could have invested in AI instead.