Get access to the right people in the industry

Top investment banks and consulting firms in Asia accept fewer than 1% of their 300k-400k applicants annually. Many are not able to secure an interview or an offer with these firms.
Don’t waste your opportunity cost on being rejected from your dream career.
Get access to the right information from the top industry professionals.

1. What are your needs today?

Have you applied for a job in a top-tier bank, consulting or tech firm and did not get an interview or an offer, due to:

  • Not setting a clear goal and instead meandering with your efforts
  • Not knowing who to talk to or not having the right people to guide you
  • Not structuring or selling your skillsets in the most optimal way

2. How our Kinobi Coaches can help

1-1 support to start your dream career – 1 hour per session from US$59 onwards

Choosing the right career
Our coaches will provide personalised advice to set the right career goals for you based on your traits.
Who is this for:
  1. Pre-University (i.e. Junior College, Polytechnics, National Service)
  2. Year 1 Undergraduate
Kinobi recommends:
  • 8 sessions
  • US$59 onwards per 1 hour session
What we cover:
  • University & Career Planning
  • CV & LinkedIn Review
  • Networking Guidance
  • Student Leadership Guidance
  • Academic Coaching
Securing the internship and the job offer
Our coaches will be with you at every stage of your application process, from selecting employers, to polishing your CV, to providing a deep-dive into fit and technical interview questions.

Kinobi has an extensive network of coaches who are industry professionals across 100+ top F500 firms that can provide you tangible insights and advice.
Who is this for:
  1. Year 2 to 4 Undergraduate
  2. MBA and Masters candidates
  3. Deep-dive into top careers
Kinobi recommends:
  • 8 sessions
  • US$99 onwards per 1 hour session
What we cover:
  • Insider Insights – Day in a Life
  • Fit Interview Drills
  • Technical Interview Drills
  • Industry specific skills (such as financial modelling and case interviews)
Advancing your career to the next level
Landing the job is merely the beginning of your career.
Our coaches will provide personalised career advancement guidance to take your journey to the next level. They draw from their experience, having excelled as juniors and navigated promotions as the best performers.
Who is this for:
  1. Full-time employed looking to pivot careers
  2. Full-time looking to advance to the next position
Kinobi recommends:
  • 8 sessions
  • US$299 onwards per 1 hour session
What we cover:
  • Long-term career coaching to advance and plot your way to the top
  • Pivoting to another career
  • Building Soft Skills

3. Schedule an appointment with our Career Specialists

Schedule an appointment with our career specialists to see how we can help you get your dream career.

Build your career pathway today with Kinobi.

Our Industry Professional Coaches

A snapshot of our 100+ coaches across 6 countries on our marketplace platform

Investment Banking

Max Hadi
Warburg Pincus

Nevin Tan

Private Banking

Amol Desai
Investment Counsellor Analyst

Lester Ng
Private Banking Associate
Citi PB

Management Consulting

Max Pakapol
Bain & Co

Hafiz Kasman
Ex Senior Consultant
Oliver Wyman

Technology Sales

Adheip Dev
Account Director LinkedIn

Onnicha Chunsuttiwat
Account Executive
SAP Concur

Let’s chart the pathway to your dream career.

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